Martjina lyrics


Come on every body lets wake up
Time to get ready for a shake up, what's up? Get up, are you ready?
Come on lets go

We get up in the morning time
We head down to the water line
Dip your lip to take a sip
Come on everybody we'll take a trip

Guitar strap around her waist
Not a moment left here to waste
Standing with a smile on her face
Just for you a sacred place

Come on everyone let's go down
Down the street we'll head out of town
Grab your friends, pick up your things
You and I will dance and sing

Go! Limurr bukmak yawirriny’

Ŋarririna marrtji larrum

Ŋayinydja gapu ŋorra wapurrarrnha

Rranydja dhuwal marrtjin.

We'll go now and we'll move in style
As we walk past some one we'll make them smile

Go martjina

We get up in the morning time
Head down to the water line
Come on and we'll go
Come on and well go, yo yo yo lets go

Go martjina